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"I'm not good enough for anyone"
"I'm not pretty enough"
"Why do i look so fat?"
"Why doesn't anyone like me?"
"I don't look that bad, do i?"
"I hate myself."
"I don't deserve anyone."

Everybody has insecurities. Even me. Every morning when i look into the mirror, looking at myself, these thoughts just pass through my mind involuntarily. I really try so so hard to get rid of these thoughts and slowly build up my self confidence, but every time i try so hard to build them up, something comes up and breaks down my that tiny bit of self confidence i have that i tried so long to build up. It sucks to have all these insecurities in my mind, following me around everyday. My friends are all so pretty and sometimes, i can't help to compare myself with them. I'm really tired. So sick of always comparing myself with others, so sick of having all these negative thoughts about myself. Everyone thinks i'm this cheerful girl, always smiling in front of people, but nobody really knows the real me. The insecure, self destructive part of me. 'Don't judge a book by its cover', such a true phrase. Bel once told me to stop thinking like this when we were having a h2h talk, and have more confidence in myself. Brush off all the negative things. I'm really trying bel. Trying not to be so insecure about myself. And i hope one day i won't be like this anymore. 
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