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 Chapter 6
Another update today guys.:) YAYYYY. It's already June, this year has been passing by even faster compared to last year. This week, I'm having my MST. Barely have time to do other things. Keep on studying and studying. I'm going mad from studying.): To be honest, I keep thinking about how I should've went to join cheerleading. But on second thought, I'm so bloody lazy. /sobs/ I just don't feel like moving at all. Wanna just laze on my bed and let life move on. HAHAHAHA. Gosh, I sound like a lazy ass.(which I won't deny, but let's just keep it between us) Anyway, gotta get this ass up and studying. See you guys soon and enjoy chapter 6 of 2013.xx I hope June gets better, give me more adventures, god.;)

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