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 it's all cool
Hi there, my dear readers.^-^ I know a few of you have been worried about what have happen between me and my boyfriend so...things have been going okay. We had a talk last Saturday about things that are going on. Before you let your imagination run wild, no, the talk had no flying chairs or flying tables or flying punches. Well, we talked about the 'problem' that was bothering him and we resolved them. No misunderstandings anymore. BUT we're having a little break now. Like a temporary break up. We are still texting each other but it's like we are back to the phase before we both started dating. Like close friends. It's all cool. In a way, it is refreshing to experience the time we had before we started dating. And hopefully, everything will be fine soon and this will make our relationship stronger. 

I believe this is just another challenge God set for us to see if we can make it through. We've been together for a year and a half, he chased me for a few months and i rejected him twice before i accepted him. Been through so many ups and downs before and during our relationship. From strangers to awkward friends to close friends and lastly, boyfriend-girlfriend. And truthfully, before we even started dating, he's one of my best guy friends and i can confide him in anything. All the more i hope and believe everything is gonna be back to normal soon. And p.s bel, if you're reading this.. I'm sorry for not telling you earlier and you had to find out through my askfm.): I still feel a little guilty cause of it. Tried keeping it a low profile so we don't have to deal with so many things. That's why i only told a few people. You're a close friend i truly cherish(and i think i don't say it enough) and i love you.<3 Now that you know, i can always go to you for advice or just for a listening ear. Love you, bel. xx Oh and another shout out to Lydia, read your blog and thank you for caring.<3 Love you, burden heng. I appreciate my friends so much because i know they will be by me whenever i need them and i too, will be by them if they need me. I don't think i said it enough, but i love you all so much. xoxo

Well, next, who went to watch 1D This Is Us? RAISE UP YOUR HANDS AND HIGHFIVE YOURSELF. I went to watch it twice already cause the movie is too awesome.:D It's in 3D so you really feel like they're right in front of you and you can touch them anytime but no, i didn't do that cause i'll look like an idiot. The movie is really funny and touching. So please go see it, 100% confirm you will love them after the movie. And lastly, another random thing, been addicted to this song recently so check it out. Love the lyrics.:) Alicia Keys - If i ain't got you That's all for now, love you guys for reading my blog.


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