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 complicating is an understatement
Hey there, firstly i have to say sorry for not updating in a long time. Life has been a mess these few weeks. Both good and bad things are happening at the same time that i don't know what to feel at all. 

So, first off, 1DWorld is in Singapore!! It is situated at The Cathay, near Plaza Singapura, opened from 12pm to 9pm everyday. Go check it out guys. I went there already and it was AMAZING. Like words can't even expressed how happy and fangirl i felt when i got there. I was lucky there was no school for me this week(study break, but i'll talk about that later) and i was the first few to get there before 12pm.:) It was quite a small shop since it's not permanent but ohmygod, everything was there. Like my eyes would bulge out anytime looking at them. I WANNA BUY EVERYTHING but money's the issue here.)': So in the end, i got a hoodie, poster and 2 charm bracelets. I got a free gummy harry styles bracelet from my new friend. Aw, i made 4 new friends there since i went alone(no really hardcore directioner in my clique).): But they were lovely, friendly and we even exchanged contacts. NOW FOR THE EXCITING PART....I GOT A PHOTOGRAPH FROM BEFORE YOU EXIT. AHHHHH, they took it at 1DWorld and there was only 3!! I was one of the lucky few who got it. Can't remember if it's from connor or riley.;) They're a great band, great songs and voice and awesome looks. Hehehe. I ALMOST got hugged by Riley though, but the guards stop him. Sobs, he was like 1 feet away from me only. This is why i said i have no luck, only happens once in every century. And it is proven.

I've been trying my absolute best to get the tickets for 1D GALA premiere, but to vain, haven't got it up till now. Been tuning in 91.3 and calling like mad but sighs, luck's not by my side. I even created a twitter account and retweet everything like mad but Boythunder and Adam never notices me. I even tweet them but they never reply.): I wonder if they hate me. BOO. Which leads me to my next issue, i have been studying like mad for my final exams and hopefully everything went into my brain.): Procrastinating like crazy and not concentrating well because of wanting to get the tickets. Should really stop trying and concentrate on exams. Well, i did pretty well today memorizing and doing POM so yea, i pray everything will be fine. 

Now, the blog post is quite long so i apologize for that. Now as you all know, i have a boyfriend. Well if you don't, now you know! :D And no, it's not one of those imaginary 'idol boyfriend' you're thinking. NO. So yea, things have been rather complicating, he's been not himself and i can feel him keeping something from me. But whenever i ask, he just avoids the topic like it's a plague. It sucks, i mean we both know there's something going on but he's not telling me anything. I can just feel everything falling apart. Now whenever we talk, there's like this weird atmosphere enveloping over us and i really don't know what else to do. We're not seeing each other often this week and the texts and calls have decreased significantly compared to a few weeks before. It's like you can feel everything shifting till you don't know what it is anymore. It's been really hard and depressing for me. It's hard when someone you care for don't tell you something especially when you both are in a relationship. We promise each other to tell each other everything and anything. No secrets cause when secrets come in, it's when life's trying to screw you up. You try to cover for it and in the end, we drift apart. And it hurts cause you cannot do anything about it even though you know there's something there. It's like the whole world in still living life as usual while you feel like you, yourself are stuck in this ongoing life, not moving at all. Well, i really hope this starts to get better. And i feel a tad better after rambling in this long post. I love you guys who read this.xxx Until next time. 


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