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 Three little words.♥
The three little words, so short yet so meaningful. Those three little words, not long but can melt anyone's heart. This three little words - I love you. You tell me these three little words all the time, to others, it may not mean much after saying it for too many times, but for me, my heart still skips a beat whenever you say those words to me...

I had a fun filled day today with my baby boy.♥ He got me up at an ungodly hour to drag me to the beach. When i say ungodly hour, it really is ungodly. 3am in the bloody morning. I need my beauty sleep. Turns out, he wanted to watch the sunrise with me. I was half awake being drag around by him. Like a zombie..OH! Did you guys see the zombie dance in SHINee's 'Why So Serious' song? Go check it out.;) Didn't even manage to take any photos but the sunrise was breathtaking. 

Although i don't remember what we did, i still remember clearly those words you told me. "We started on 25/10/11, i still remember i got rejected twice before you accepted me. I won't ever regret my decision of not giving up, even though all my friends were telling me to. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You were like a broken piece of glass, never trusting anyone but hiding all your sadness behind a facade. I'm really happy you gave me this chance to fix you and i'm so glad you did, because the smile i see on your face every time absolutely takes my breath away. I had so many dreams about you and me. Even though we're not in a fairy tale  i'm not a prince and neither are you a princess... But in our own little world, you'll forever be my princess and this story of ours will be our fairy tale. I love you, no matter what happens and i'll always be by your side through all the thick and thin." ♥

Isn't that the sweetest? You never once failed to surprised me with your speeches. We started of on 25/10/11, it's gonna be our 1 year and 7 months this coming 25 June and i absolutely can't wait. Because it's another month we've spent together and another month of memories. Thank you is all i can say to you. For doing all these things for me, fixing me, making me trust people again and being cheerful again. You're like my prince on a white horse, saving me from all the misery. I know it sounds clique but i got no other way to describe it. Hehe. I love you, baby. And i'm sure our story will have a happy ending.♥

Friday at NV arts night with my best friend, Gladys(one in green).

love others, and love will come back to you.

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