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Hey people!! It's been long since i've updated, isn't it? ;) Hahaha, well let me update a bit of what i did recently. I went for a freshman orientation workshop in TP the last few days and it was AWESOME.<3 The GLs there are so cute and hyper and just perfect. Keke, i'm exaggerating a little but you get my point, they're WOW. I had fun; heart to heart talks; scream till my voice is gone; and dance like mad. I'M SO WILD. Hehe. But hey, YOLO. I'm so inspired to be a GL and of course the moment you'll have been waiting for.... MY EYECANDY. I eye candied so many GLs from the camp. They're absolutely cute and adorable.:b MEH. That's all for now. I have an upcoming business school orientation (week 0) and i'm looking forward to meeting more peeps. See ya. Loves.xxxxx

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