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 you can always count on me.
Right, I'm sorry for not updating. Have been really busy with projects and all. It's just pure madness.): Headaches are becoming more often and I always feel tired. It's a torture. A quick update of what's going in my life, got back all of the mid semester results and I got all As. Yay!! /cheers and throws confetti/ BUT I can't take it for granted, it's all easy papers, the August exams would be more difficult.): So let's all work hard together alright?

Next, I forgot which Friday...Lydia and I went to ikea to eat their meatballs. But surprisingly, their potatoes taste nicer.xD The soup was heavenly though. Wanna try their chicken wings next. Then we went to play around ikea. HAHAHAH. Look like two people who just escape from the mental hospital. Gah so embarrassing. Will post some pictures up.:)

Oh!! And Lydia is now officially known as Burden Heng. The same applies to me, Burden Yong. Hehe. We came up with these nicknames cause we're super burden and need a lot of care. Cute right?

Well and lastly, went for a leadership and character development talk today by Dr Tim Elmore. Super motivational and it helps a lot. Went to the talk with Gladys.♡♡♡
Miss her loads. So excited I finally got to talk to her.^-^ Updated each other with a lot of stuffs and secrets. SILLY MILLY ALL THE WAY!! Well, that's all for now. See y'all next time.xxxx loves.

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