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 You came to stay
I feel tired. I feel suffocated, like I can't breathe, like I wanna die, even though I'm breathing like any normal person. I feel alone, even though I have so many people around me. I feel like crying. I feel like breaking down. Why do I feel this way? Because I've been strong for too long. It's been long since I've moments like this.

Just out of the blue, my mind starts to wander off, thinking about things. Now I feel like crying so badly but no tears are coming out. I feel breakable, vulnerable. I want someone to protect me, I want someone to tell me they'll always be there for me. I'm tired, so so tired of broken promises, unfulfilled promises, being alone, and faking smiles. I just feel so...suffocated. Those were my past.

But you came into my life, as a savior - my savior. You came and pulled me out of my darkness. Came and brighten up my life. Came and fulfill all the promises you made me. Came and build my trust for people back little by little. Even though it took a long time, you had the patience to fix it back together like a puzzle slowly. Came as a new friend but staying in my life permanently and never leaving. You were always there, when I needed someone to talk to, cry to, and laugh to. You never really did anything, because you know i need nothing else but just someone staying by my side when i ramble and bawl.

I know I never say it enough but I treasure your existence in my life so much. You begin creeping into my heart and stayed there, never planning to leave. I fell in love with you. That's the start of our love story and we'll be creating more memories together. Thank you for everything, my savior.

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