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 pictures says it all
Anyone ever felt this way? I'm feeling like this a lot recently. So tired of all the shit in life, how everyone is constantly judging you. It's funny how animals can be more compassionate than humans. "We live in a cruel world" - I'm sure some of you heard people saying this before. In this society, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we're never enough and people can never be satisfied. It hurts, badly. To know we can never be enough for someone and they're always looking for someone better. That's how the world works. And for some unlucky people, we face abandonment so frequently, we just give up trying. But don't, someday, one day, there'll be someone out there who truly appreciates you and you, yourself is all that's enough for them. 

Take a chance, you never know where it'll leads you. Yes, there may be disappointments that come when you take this chance but look on the brighter side, there might be good things that come. You don't know if you never try and continue hiding in that shadow of yours. Be yourself, be unique, take the chance and try everything. I know YOLO is a stupid saying, but it's true. Experience things when you're young so you can look back at all these precious memories, be it bad or good, when you're old. Make your life as colorful as a rainbow and not dull like a piece of white paper. Loves.xxxx Thanks for reading all. I'll be back to update on my life soon. Stay tune.:)

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