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 count on me
Dear Burden Heng,
Hopefully you're gonna stalk me on my blog and read this post soon.:b Hehe. First off, i just wanna say thank you for the letter. It really reassured me a lot and finally put my heart at ease. And i hate to say this, but i cried twice while reading the letter. Don't know why i was crying over your letter, but i guess it just says how much you mean to me. These past few 4-5 days have been so tough for me. And to know that we're now back to normal, i'm just feeling a lot at the moment. Happy, Relieved, Ecstatic, Loved, Cherished and so much more. 
It's so funny how we can get so close to one another even though we barely know each other for barely a year. We should totally celebrate our anniversaries for our friendship like couples do. Hahaha. You're someone i won't hesitate to go to if i have anything to say or just rant. I can talk about everything to you. H2h talks, ask for advice or just talking crap in general. I just really like talking non stop in front of you. My non filtered mouth. Well, i shouldn't say so much here since i'm already sure you know how much you mean to me in my heart. I don't let a lot of people in easily and you're one of the few that i actually let into my life. You're already a part of my life. So promise you won't leave me alright? You leaving is like losing a part of my life and i would be so devastated to lose this friendship.
Just remember, i'll always be here for you. I'll be here whenever you need some to talk to, rant to, crap to, get some advice, cry to or just to share happy things to me. I'm gonna stick to you like a superglue. I'm sure this misunderstanding has strengthen our friendship a lot more. And our friendship didn't change at all, everything is back to normal. Let's forget about this misunderstanding and continue moving on forward together.:) I love you.

-Burden Yong. xx 

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