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 PARTY!!! c;
Hey people. It's been around a month since the end of my O levels. Yay!! Hahaha, have been partying like mad since and i'm being a lazy ass - I haven't found a job yet. It sucks.:c Anyway, i had a picnic with my dearest friends last friday, 301212. IT WAS AMAZING. We didn't really build a successful sandcastle... I know, BOO!!! But we played waterguns, acting like James Bond.:P hehehe. But i have a very VERY bad sunburn now. It hurts like mad when i frown even just a little. I can't move any parts of my face now. Grrr~ I have like this red strip over my face. Just ONE. It's like someone painted over it. Eeww. Continue reading my blog for more adventures of mine during the holidays. Kekeke, here's the photos.:D

you start believing the lies when the truth is too much to handle.

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