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 let it go
Hello guys, 

I'm finally back to update my blog. Have been really busy with project deadlines and tests in school. Always reaching home around 10 plus. This past few weeks have been really exhausting, and energy draining. So first off, i just got done with my Psychology Common Test and let me just say, that test was a killer. I have no confidence to get A at all. Actually, i think half of the time, i was just writing crap on the paper. I don't even know what i was writing. Oh gosh.): I can only depend on my projects and online quizzes to pull my grades up. I still have to take Psychology as a CDS for 2 more years. Oh gawd, why did i do this to myself. *slumps in one corner* 

Oh! And we also had our marketing presentation. Finally a presentation this semester with my darling clique. But this is also our second last presentation before we change classes next semester. T_T Gonna miss them so badly, especially my monkeys.(you know who you guys are) My Burden Heng, we will still be talking okay? You better not ditch me. Hehehe. I'm permanently stuck in your life like a superglue, those super strong ones.;) Now, time for some photos. Ready? LET'S GO. >>>>

A photo with my precious darlings.<3

W/ my monkeys. From left to right: Sleepy Monkey, Adorkable Monkey, Barbie Monkey.

And lastly, with my gorgeous Burden Heng.

We also had an early birthday celebration for our clique's January babies - Jo and Burden Heng. Although, i must admit, the surprise is such a failure. HAHAHAHA. Our clique can never really plan anything. But as long as they appreciate the effort, that's enough. Love you guys.<3 <3 <3 We got Jo a swallow(?) dress and Lydia a pink bag. That bag totally has Lydia's feel painted all over it. Hehs. Super happy both of them love the presents. 

Yesterday, we also had a steamboat kinda reunion dinner at Jun's house with the whole clique. It was so fun. Jun's puppy, Angel, was so precious and adorable. She literally entertained us for hours. Sadly, Lydia and I both fell sick together. Feeling so terrible throughout the whole day. And we occupied Jun's bed throughout the whole afternoon cause we were too tired from our medication. It's tough being sick. I hate it.): But Lydia's was much worse than me. She was having a slight fever throughout the steamboat. So worried for her. Take care, babygirl.)': Now, time for more pictures. Weeeeee~~ 

Look at what we did to Jo's cake when we have no lighter. I swear this clique is so funny and creative. All Cheryl's idea. 

With my Burden Heng before the steamboat. Every time also selfie-ing. 

The steamboat.:') Looks delicious, isn't it? First time having steamboat with Maggie Mee. 

A photo with Jun's puppy, Angel. So adorable right? I love her so much.<3

And lastly, 

All the romantic and mushy stuff will be in your birthday present. I shall not say it here cause people might not be able to take how sweet we both are.;) Kekeke. I love you.<3

That's all for now. Will be back to update soon. Love you guys. ^^


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