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Sorry for not updating yesterday, guys. My mood was really down yesterday. So many things happened in a blink of an eye, i just can't think properly now. Ever felt so down? No matter what you do, your mood just can't seem to be up, you get distracted easily. I couldn't even concentrate in tuition today, my mind was floating over so many things. If only crying could solve problems, i would be a happy girl now. Drama, i seriously hate them. They just complicate my already complicated life. *sighs* Sometimes, i just mess things up but truthfully, i don't mean it. I mean, everybody makes mistakes and i just...am a young girl. I know i can't push the blame, i admit it's my fault. But i just hope you would forgive me.

Oh and did you guys see Jjong's abs? XD It's sexy. I FINALLY SAW HIS HALF NAKED BODY, I CAN DIE WITHOUT REGRETS NOW. *O* TADA!!!

If you feel that you're the only driver in this relationship, it's time to park it and walk away. 

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