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 Confused. ;-;
Love is really confusing, isn't it? Just when he starts behaving like he loves you, he suddenly gets into a relationship. People should stop giving each other false hopes and signals. *sighs* I tried so hard to get you to look at me, but your eyes are only on her, never turning back to take even a single glance at me. It hurts, a lot. I tried forgetting you but it wouldn't work. Give me some more time, one day, i would completely get you out of my heart. It made me envy her a lot. I start changing to be more like her till i lose my original self. I hate this, really. Always remember, you're special yourself, don't change for anyone. If they can't accept you at your worst then they don't deserve you at your best.<3

When you want to insult someone, look at yourself in the mirror first. You ain't any better.

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