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So, hello to all my readers who are still reading this dead blog. Hahaha I promise this will really be an update of my life and not just some random post about pictures (which I find very inspiring).c: I know it's been dead for a few months so thank you to those who are still checking in on this blog every now and then. Hehe much lovessssss.<3

Alright, so just a short update on my life. Nothing interesting happened but I have been really busy with submissions and it's driving me crazy. Literally everyday I am filled with project meetings. Been sick for a week and have not fully recover. Sobs.:< The weather is not helping much too. Oh gawd, Singapore is so bloody hot. HAHAHA not like it's anything new, but it's getting so extreme recently. Hot weather giving me really bad headaches everyday. Help, somebody please bring me to a cold country.:/ So that's my life recently. Damn sian. I don't even have holidays this coming September because I will be shipped off to Internship (not looking forward to it at all unless I get shipped off to the same place as Burden Heng hahaha). Well, I guess that's 3rd year of Polytechnic for you. Filled with deadlines and submissions. Can't wait for it all to be over. Wish me luck.:b 

Oh! And I went for the SG50 NDP rehearsal last week!! I was supposed to be studying for my Managerial Accounting test but my dad has free tickets and didn't want to waste it so no choice. But it was a good experience! This year, NDP will be held at the new indoor stadium (no more floating platform) and I got to sit at the seats next to where all the ministers will be sitting (VIP SEATS!!!). We were led to a room where all the Navy officers and their families were, and were served with Mr Bean's & Old Chang Kee's food. Hehehe don't have to wait under the hot sun for the rehearsal to start.:b We got to wait in an air conditioned waiting area and were led out 10 minutes before the event start! After the event, we had refreshments - buffet/ KFC/ Pizza Hut (drools) and our family got a drawing done by a talented guy! 

Isn't this such a cute drawing? Hahaha Burden Heng said my mum looks younger than me in this photo. I think it's cause she looks like she has 2 pony tails.xD 

IT WAS MILLY FEN'S BIRTHDAY ON 17TH. Hehehe met her on Friday in the morning to have breakfast together and to pass her her birthday gifts and card. Was craving for Ya Kun so bad so we went to have it. It was so crowded in the morning but we managed to get seats! Their toasts are to die for. *.* Gladys was feeling so guilty because I told her I was doing her card till 2am. Hahaha so cute of her. Kept saying she have to step up her game for my birthday (even though her cards are so nice every year). After breakfast, we went to explore around Compass Point and I heard it was closing down for renovation. T.T So sad, I used to always sit near the LRT tapping area after secondary school with my friends. REBELS. I also brought her a Peppa Pig balloon. It was so funny, Gladys even knew the theme song for the Peppa Pig cartoon. Hahaha and guess who's 19 already.xD We ended up sitting at the library to snap photos. Couldn't stay long because we both have to go home to chiong projects. Sucks. But it was a good catch up session!! Love how we can always joke and be dorky together. Love you Silly Milly!! Cheers to more years of birthday celebrations together.<3 <3 <3 

Although it's late, but happy birthday again to my Milly Fen! Stay gorgeous and funny. Love youuuuuuuuu.<3

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